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The beautiful tropical setting of the Bahamas attracts many visitors every year. Before Cuba was a country, the people who lived there would migrate to the Bahamas due to the surrounding ocean life being a great source of food.

People love visiting the Bahamas because it’s a tropical vacation spot that’s very close to other highly populated areas on the Eastern coast of the US. Many people go on a Bahamas Cruise which almost acts as two vacations. First, they enjoy the cruise itself. Cruises are events in and of themselves. The food, drinking and events lead people to often not even want to get off the ship when it docks. Following this, vacationers go to the Bahamas and enjoy the many amenities this tropical paradise has to offer.

An all-inclusive vacation like this is often a surprisingly good value, as the Bahamas is a relatively inexpensive vacation spot to begin with. The value itself that a Caribbean vacation in the Bahamas offers in comparison to other areas is unmatched. These all-inclusive vacations are also great because people don’t have to worry about expenses for the most part. Food, travel and lodging is all considered in the final price. The only things to consider purchasing are souvenirs and extra activities. They also often include a vacation resort as well as the cruise, so the overall value is unmatched.

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Don’t Forget: Sunblock & Bug Spray

Dont Forget SunblockI’m sorry to say this, but it’s true.

“Paradise has lots of sun… and lots of bugs” – Mr. Fillmore

Tropical getaways have a lot of things in abundance, especially sunshine and bugs. It’s smart to be prepared to enjoy yourself but prevent unwanted irritations. Also remember, both sunblock and bug spray can’t help you after the damage is done.

All-inclusive Apple Vacations Packages in The Bahamas

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Things to do in The Bahamas

From 900-1500 AD a group of people known as the Lucayan claimed it as a settlement. The laid back lifestyle led to them forming a society which included laws and religion. The islands of the Bahamas were discovered by Christopher Columbus as he made his way to America. Years later, Puritans would claim it as a settlement after the Lucayan had migrated to other areas. Today, the Bahamas is an independent country made up over 700 islands and cays.

Vacationers in the Bahamas often find that there are a large number of things to see and do. Those interested in fine dining will find that the Bahamas has cuisine from all parts of the world. For those looking for traditional fine dining, the Bahamian Club is an elegant take on local Bahamas cuisine. The history of the Bahamas has led to a large number of historical landmarks that people like to stop by during their visit. Many forts built in the 1700’s are still standing today. Fort Fincastle is shaped like a steamer ship. Fort Charlotte has everything from a moat to a dungeon adorning its old architecture.

There are an innumerable number of places to visit in the Bahamas. Virtually all aquatic related activities are done better here than anywhere else in the Atlantic ocean. Biking tours, dinner cruises, dolphin encounters, fishing, scuba diving and jet ski tours are just a few of the great deal of things there are to do in a single day. Many people who visit the Bahamas often find they need to go back, as there simply aren’t enough hours in a few days to get the full Bahamas experience.