Murder Mystery Cruises

Some cruise companies offer live mystery theme cruises for amateur sleuths all throughout the year.  As part of the production, which are designed to be as suspenseful as they are comical, passengers are given a role to play for the duration of the cruise when they board the ship. Hired actors play the most important roles in the mystery, slipping suspicious notes under cabin doors and placing clue-filled calls to passengers’ rooms.

There’s often a prize for the top sleuth. It is up to the individual passenger how much he or she participates in the mystery, which begins on the first night and culminates with the solution being revealed on the last day.  So why not enjoy an elegant experience at sea, while Mystery and Murder lurk all around you (and involve you!)

Murder Mystery FAQ

Q. Is it Scary?
A. No! Murder Mystery cruises are just shows, more  comedies than x-rated horror flicks! So don’t expect a deep dark mysterious mystery! For those people who just want to relax, laugh and be entertained, you don’t even have to try and solve the crime. (Note: some cruises offer serious more Agatha Christie type entertainment, in that case you may not *want* to relax!)

Q. Do I have to play a character?
A. Everyone *can* get a role, but it is up to you how much you become your character. If you are shy side, you can sit back or have a few cocktails and really get into your character!

Q. Is everyone on the ship involved in the mystery?
A. No. Only folks who have signed up for the mystery cruise, but dont let that stop you having fun with other guests. And remember, the crew does get involved! And they love to play or deflect the clues.

Q. Does the mystery take up the WHOLE cruise?
A. No. The murder mystery can take up an afternoon and evening or run over multiple days and scenarios! Cruise Line’s help schedule these events so they don’t conflict with the other entertainment offered aboard the ship. And there’s still plenty of free time for you to enjoy the cruising experience.

Q. Can I sit at Main Dining and still be involved?
A. Probably not. Most mystery cruises involve dinner activities or performances, with many of the clues given out during the dinner hour … it would be murder for you to miss them!

Q. Can children participate?
A. Maybe!. Most murder mysteries are PG rated, but some may be a little risque for our younger friends (and depending how old they are, of course!) Children that do participate will have a role in the mystery just like everyone else, though remember… adult humor does happen during the course of the show, things like; secret lovers, foul plots, and a sleazy word or two!

Q. Could I be the victim?
A. How would you enjoy the show! Dead boring! :-)

Q. What is the attire for the cruise?
A. Depending on the murder mystery theme (which will be communicated to you prior to your cruise), the attire could be anything from 20’s fobs, to Chicago gangsters, to more modern day CSI detectives. Example, for Chi-town mysteries, mob wear rules! Black suits, fedoras, gold lame, boas, etc. all work as great theme-wear! And of course, nothing is mandated, but guests who dress up tend to get into the show (literally) winning prizes and guest appearances on ‘stage’!